How to wash silk properly - Part 3

How to wash silk properly - Part 3

How to wash silk properly - Part 3

What is the best way to wash silk in?

As already mentioned, silk is a delicate material and should be treated accordingly. Most common detergents can irreversibly damage your silk pieces. This may be because they are too alkaline and the silk becomes "caked" in them. Or they are too aggressive and you lose the beautiful colouring. Our grandmothers' advice was to wash silk in baby shampoo. Well, in case you don't have anything better on hand and you desperately need to wash it, it's the lesser of two evils. You won't ruin silk linen this way, but count on the fact that you'll gradually lose the characteristic silky sheen when you wash it this way.

The best choice is to invest in a quality detergent designed specifically for washing silk from a specialist retailer. Our company offers PAREX red from a renowned German manufacturer with a long tradition, specifically designed for silk and silk blends. As a bonus, it will also wash all viscose products perfectly. It is a concentrate of gel consistency and you can see for yourself that silk washed in this way will serve you in unchanged quality for a long time.

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