How to wash man-made fibres correctly

How to wash man-made fibres correctly

How to wash man-made fibres correctly

I often encounter the opinion that washing things from artificial materials is not a science and there is no need to deal with it in any special way. However, the opposite is true. How about swimwear or functional sportswear? Or beautiful underwear? Usually made of 100% man-made fibres and at a not inconsiderable purchase price. We expect it to last more than a few months and still be nice with all its advantages. This is where the appropriate care comes in.

Swimsuits will come into contact with chlorine, salt or sunscreen, which are definitely not good for them. It's not enough to just soak them in clean water, this way the unwanted residue is not removed. And washing them in ordinary, aggressive detergent doesn't add to their beauty either. You certainly don't want to have expensive swimsuits after a season without the shape and color they originally had.

The same goes for specialty sportswear and underwear. They come into direct contact with skin and aggressive sweat. It needs to be washed frequently while maintaining functionality.

And it's time for targeted and gentle care in the form of specialized detergents. Our company offers PAREX blue from a renowned German manufacturer with a long tradition, specifically designed for man-made fibres. We have tested that using this concentrated washing gel will keep your swimwear, sportswear and underwear in really excellent condition for a long time. We also offer a small pack, suitable for travel.

And finally, a little additional advice: Never, really never, use fabric softener on these things!

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