Free samples


Test your ideas for real - we will send you free samples of silk, cashmere, wool, cotton, viscose of your choice.

We believe that even women's tailors or interior designers will appreciate the opportunity to see the selected fabrics in a real environment. We try to present the fabric photos in the best possible resolution, but in addition we give you the opportunity to try the fabrics directly. You can compare shade changes under different lighting, colour combinations, different materials, squishiness, elasticity, surface texture. You don't have to order high quality fabrics just from a picture. You can test for free whether the chosen fabric is ideal for your purpose.


With a fabric swatch you can afford to experiment a lot. Don't be afraid to try new combinations, unusual combinations of different materials or patterns. We will be happy to send you your chosen fabric samples. Search, try, combine, discover!


We will support your creativity. We will give you the space to find new combinations. We will send you free samples of up to 10 fabrics.

We will be happy to support you in your beautiful hobby. Create and sew for pleasure, for yourself and for your loved ones. We will send you up to 10 free fabric samples exactly according to your order. Make your dreams come true, try out interesting colours, styles and types of materials for real. See how the materials you choose work and feel before you order the full quantity. We reserve the right to suspend sending free samples if the request does not meet the customer's normal needs or exceeds our capacity.


We become your partners, supporting you in your creative activities. We will give you free rein to try new colours and types of materials, help you find new styles and reach new clients.

If you approach us from the position of a professional tailoring salon, we will be happy to become your permanent partner. We will prepare a wide range of colours and designs for you. Bring new customers to your salon, revive your models with new fabrics and textures. We will prepare a unique tailor-made offer for you free of charge after you send us your ID number to verify your business. We will work with you to develop new products tailored to your style. We will find original solutions with you.

Notice of Dispatch Date

Dear Customers,
Orders received between 1.7. and 7.7. will be dispatched on 10. and 11.7.

Thank you for your understanding.