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HANAH MARIAH s.r.o., Vladislavova 1388/6, 110 00 Praha 1, VAT: CZ25505033, MS Praha 22988 C


HANAH MARIAH s.r.o. is a family company with roots in sunny Italy. Italy, the land of fabrics and fashion, gave us the idea to open a specialised shop with European clothing fabrics of the highest quality. And since we know that, in addition to Italy, high-quality designer fabrics are also produced in France, it goes without saying that they are part of our range. We personally select the best quality fabrics. We specialise in cashmere and wool fabrics, real silk materials, quality cotton, fine fibres and technological innovations.

The history of our first fabric shop PAR EXCELLENCE dates back to 2000. With the philosophy of supplying our market with the best quality designer fabrics according to the latest trends, a brick-and-mortar store was opened. Our aim was to introduce our customers to materials with designs from world renowned brands. The next step was the launch of an e-shop, where we were the first to offer a full service delivery of these exclusive fabrics. Services such as sending free samples or shipping within 48 hours are an integral part.

Over time, we listened to our customers' wishes and added accessories to the range, which can be used to fine-tune the entire outfit. In line with our philosophy, which we have adhered to since the beginning, these are again quality design pieces.


Hundreds and hundreds of fashion-conscious customers have become our clients, who know well that the highest quality of clothing lies in tailoring. Customers include tailoring salons and fashion designers who prefer the finest materials in their work.

We are very pleased with the feedback from our clients. They say: such high quality, unique fabrics and in such huge quantities in stock are almost impossible to find anywhere else. And that is exactly our goal. To offer our clients the best that can be produced in Europe.

And because we see every day what joy the beautiful fabrics in our offer bring to all our clients, both regular and new, we have decided to enter other European markets after the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

If you love fabrics as much as we do, don't hesitate to visit us. For all those who need to feel the fabric between their fingers, for all those who want to wrap themselves in fabric first, for all these enthusiasts we have opened a new, much bigger brick-and-mortar store in Prague in May 2021 with a clear, modern and revolutionary way of selling, where we will make all this possible for you.

We will advise you on the choice of fabric to suit you and best match your chosen cut. We will explain to you the principles of proper maintenance of materials so that clothes made from our fabrics will be as good as new for a long time.


Yes, we are not indifferent to what happens to our planet and how it turns out. We are aware that humanity is currently producing a huge amount of waste, often completely unnecessarily. A large part of the waste is packaging materials. We have been thinking for a long time about how we can help to reduce this waste production at least a little.

Packaging material. Yes, we could do something about that. Since we send hundreds of parcels a day that have to be boxed and taped up, we thought about how to do this in the most planet-friendly way. And we came up with this.

We ditched the beautiful new boxes with company printing that we knew would be used once and then end up in landfill, or at best in the sorted waste. After all, there are so many boxes that no longer have a use and are being disposed of. That is why we approached companies that normally dispose of these boxes after use and started to take boxes from them. We pack our goods in these boxes, which would no longer find a use and would end up in the garbage, even though they are clean, undamaged and still able to protect anything, and we send them to you in these boxes. Yes, it's a different box each time, but who cares? We don't. We take pride in the fact that we don't produce any new boxes, that we extend the life of the packaging we already use by at least one turn. And that it doesn't carry our logo? Why not. The quality of our fabrics, i.e. the contents of these boxes, speaks for us, not their appearance.

And we don't even use adhesive tapes with our logo. We have found that tape manufacturers have a lot of rejects (failed prints) from production that they normally dispose of. So we took the opportunity. Why destroy these "rejects"? They're good for nothing. Yes, the print is blurry, but who cares? Not us. That's why you'll find our boxes wrapped in strips of multi-coloured, charming and original. And that makes them beautiful and interesting. You may be pleased, as we are, that they did not end up in the garbage right after production, but still fulfilled the purpose for which they were made.

We also focus on the "little things" like bags or tissue paper, which we wrap the fabrics you buy in person in our shop or online. We only use paper bags and papers that are made from recycled material.
This approach ensures that we do not create any new waste. We don't burden our planet any more than necessary and you, our clients, are in this with us.


We are not indifferent to the fate of our fellow citizens. We are well aware that not all people are fortunate enough to live, work, play and enjoy as they wish. There are people among us who are handicapped in some way. And even these people want to have a life filled with work and activities that they enjoy. We have thought a lot about how to help these people, how else to tell them that they are important and needed. There are many companies that contribute financially to foundations that care for the disabled. And money is definitely needed, there is no need to argue about that. But we were wondering: is there another way to put it? 

And we came up with a project that connected us with these people. A project that benefits both sides. Our recycled paper bags, in which you take your chosen fabric. On their own, they're drab, uninteresting, so we teamed up with an organisation that brings people with specific disabilities together and enables them to work. We supply them with bags, fashion magazines that would end up in the garbage and various fabric scraps. These people will use the magazine clippings and fabric scraps to make unique collages and turn each individual "unsightly" bag into an original piece. Each bag is unique in the true sense of the word. They hang a tag with their name on each hand-decorated bag.

This lets everyone know that this bag is special, that it was created with their own hands by a person who has had a hard time in life. Many of our clients keep these bags as a souvenir, so that even these bags, although recyclable, do not end up in the trash.

It goes without saying that each of these designers and creators of our bags are financially rewarded for their work. This allows people who are not dealt the best cards by life to earn money through their own work, to be creative and to create something beautiful. They have the opportunity to actively spend their time and work at their own pace.

And us? We have beautiful bags that everyone admires and the good feeling that we can help in some way.

Are you interested? Our company, our products, our approach and our service? If so, feel free to visit us. Whether in our shop or on our website.

We look forward to your visit!

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